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    All colorways are shown on this page in either Juicy Sport/DK or Juicy Worsted. With each dye lot, fiber content and yarn base, the colors will vary due to the nature of hand dyed yarn. Colors may vary from monitor to monitor as well.

    For a more accurate picture of a colorway in a specific yarn, please visit the corresponding yarn base page.

    If you have any questions or would like to place a custom order, please feel free to contact us.


    **This page is a work in progress and will be added to as new colorways become available.



                       Cinnamon Bear             Cranberry Sauce                 Cherry


                           Watermelon                Cotton Candy                 Strawberry                


                         Persimmon                  Orange Sherbet                   Pumpkin


                          Pumpkin Spice                   Honey                    Bananas Foster


                              Banana                       Lemon Drop                Lemon Lime


                      Sugar Snap Pea            Emerald Gumdrop             Green Olive


                              Sour Apple                       Sage                         Brain Freeze


                       Blue Raspberry           Robin Egg Maltball              Candy Skein         


                      Blue Bubblegum               Fine China                 Blueberry Cobbler


                          Tardis Tart                      Poppyseed               Midnight Mousse


                  Violent Violet Lollipop         Black Currant                      Plum


                             Mulberry                 Boysenberry Jam              Grape Fizz


                         Fudge Brownie           Oatmeal Cookie              Butter Pecan


                        Earl Gray Latte              Foil Wrapper                       Oyster